Baby, You've Got Style!

Baby Style Babies, babies, everywhere! Hey folks, have you had a new baby? Maybe you know someone who's recently popped out that little bundle of joy or is about to deliver a tiny miracle of life!  Here are 7 dynamic ways to primp that newborn for success from itsy-bitsy head to teeny-tiny toes! Are you looking for a sweet and stylish way to keep those brand new feet warm and cozy? Well check out the SOURPUSS KIDS BLACK AND WHITE SOCKS and the SOURPUSS KIDS PINK SOCKS. Both colors come in 3 signature Sourpuss styles! Those baby feet will be kicking away in colorful stars, stripes and skulls! Is there anything more adorable than baby shoes? So little! How about bringing a bit of classic flash to that miniature footwear? The SOURPUSS SPARROW CRIB SHOES are just what you're looking for! These cream colored, leather crib shoes are super soft and flexible and perfect for your future tattooer on the go! Avast, even the puniest of pirates can make a sea-sized mess! Keep mommy and daddy's little sailors and swashbucklers clean with the SOURPUSS PIRATE BANDANA BIB! It's 100% cotton with a velour backside, snap backs and features the Jolly Roger himself. Aye, keep yer little ones' onesies from sinking into Davey Jones Locker! Attitude, your baby has some attitude, I can't believe what they babbled to me, they've got some attitude! Amp up some genuine horror punk with the SOURPUSS MISFITS CRY CRY MY DARLING ONE PIECE! It features a demonic doll in black with purple trim and is made of 100% cotton to keep that little lady or lad as snug as a Danzig on a rug. When your baby needs their binky, no ordinary one will do! If your little fella is a budding ladies man, grab the LADIES MAN STACHIFIER PACIFIER and bring a little bit of charm and suavity to that already dapper little gentleman! Everyone remembers their baby blanket, you were inseparable! Treat your sweet little newborn to one of the softest blankets you'll ever feel. Yes moms 'n pops, wrap your little chickadee in a SOURPUSS SPARROW THROW BLANKET in either cream or aqua and swoon away! Both you and your baby will be snuggling like mad! Even the bravest little deep sea diver needs to enter into the blue abyss prepared for anything. Your little lads and ladies will be ready for an undersea adventure with the OCEAN SIPPY CUP and OCEAN MINI BIB SET! Adorable submarines, divers and happy little sea creatures are swimming around in maritime merriment! We here at Sourpuss Clothing adore babies and realize that you've got to keep those delightful darlings looking sharp. Whether it's for your own mini-me or a gift for a mommy to be, a little charm and a little style goes a long way!
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