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Gals, we know you love your fella nicely groomed. Guys, you've gotta keep your gals happy. The good people at Santa Anna, California's Suavecito will help to keep those whiskers in check and those pomps full and tight. Get on board and look your best with these fine grooming and shaving products! Traditional pomades can leave your hair flaky and with itchy, dry scalp. Not the SUAVECITO ORIGINAL HOLD POMADE. Their water-based formula contains no alcohol so you will still get that medium hold with a whiff of mint to keep that pompadour nice and shiny without any of that nasty residue. Just recomb your hair with a spritz of water and watch the ladies swoon over that perfect pomp! If you're going for something a bit more than that medium hold can handle, well you're in luck! Pick yourself up a tub of the SUAVECITO STRONG HOLD POMADE and stack that hair high with a shine like no other! No matter how greasy you get workin' on your hot rod, your hair will hold strong! If you're a fella who needs a little hold on the go, then you need the SUAVECITO GROOMING SPRAY! It's a fast and simple way to set and hold that hair in place. Apply a touch to either of the fine Suavecito pomades for a boost in hair performance. It comes in a non-aerosol spray bottle for that extra added control even in the toughest situations! Now that you've got your hair just right, what about those unsightly whiskers? Get that classic barbershop close shave with the SUAVECITO SHAVING CREAM. Rich and silky with a hint of peppermint, this pre-whipped, no brush needed cream is just what you need to prep that beard or 'stache for a close, satisfying shave! Once that face is baby smooth, you know that uncomfortable and abrasive skin rash or razor burn is-a-coming! Open up your new container of SUAVECITO MENTHOL CREME and show your skin some love. Take a dollop and smooth this cooling cream onto that fresh face with with menthol and mint working in tandem to keep your face feeling as good as it looks! What if creme aftershave isn't your thing or you're in a hurry to get down to the hot rod rally or car show? Pop open a bottle of the SUAVECITO BAY RUM AFTER BATH and splash a little natural bay oil goodness on to that freshly shaven face! You'll get that just-out-of-the-barber's-chair scent when you're on the go. A little old-fashioned feeling is always a sure thing! There you have it cats and kittens! Keep yourself or your number one guy looking so fresh, so clean with these super cool hair and grooming products from those fine folks over at Suavecito!
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