More Than Your Average Tee!

moretops Hey ladies! Recently I have been looking for more in my tee than just a plain girls tee. I love some of the newer tops we have for girls with graphics on them but the graphic is just not always enough for me to show off my style. Here are my top 5 tees that are more than the average tee. 1. Sullen Lave Player Girly Tee - This heather girls tee offers a less tom boy way to wear a baseball tee. It has lace insets on the shoulder and flairs at the waist giving it a girly style without losing the sportsman attitude. 2. Japan La Funky Catsterz Muscle Tee - This shirt is not only a cool sleeveless tee but who does not love cats, lasers, and space? It really reminds me of those elementary school photos with the background of laser lights and we all know we have that photo hidden in our yearbook somewhere! 3. Rock Rebel Eternal Love Lace Tie Top - This take on a tee adds some lace ties to the shoulders but still brings out the monster love in you. 4. Sourpuss Planet X Bat Wing Top - This top looks great if you wear it off your shoulder. The winged sleeves might have you ready to take off for flight on your next trip to outer space. 5. Sullen Flower Skull Top - Our newest Sullen top has got a way to wear a longer sleeve but still show off your tattoos! I love the slouchy style of this shirt. Check out all our girls graphic tees here!
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