6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bar!

Top_6_Bar_UpgradesHey folks, are you hard at work building your own bar at home or looking for a few ways to add some new life to your current one? Well fear not my friends, here are 6 ways to add some new found life to your at home drinking! Are you looking to add some vintage style to that hip, retro home bar? Don't be a square, make sure all of your drinks are served on these far out BOOMERANG COASTERS! Finks and Foxes will dig the classic 50's colors and kitschy boomerang pattern! If you're looking for a monstrous way to terrify your guests, why not hand out these classic FRANKENSTEIN AND DRACULA COCKTAIL NAPKINS! Featuring the frightful faces of two of horrors most notorious movie monsters, they're handy to have for both snacks and drinks! Get hammered in more ways that one when you wrap your hand around the HAMMER BOTTLE OPENER! Crack open a cold one while you pound those last few nails into your brand new home-built bar. Good for cracking ice and cracking skulls for anyone who comes near your freshly opened brew. Shots? Shots? Who wants a shot? You know you all do! Well we have an awesome collection of SOURPUSS LIMITED EDITION SHOT GLASSES. Pick your poison before you pour your poison! Looking to intimidate your friends while you down your frosty beverage? Then pick up the GLASS SKULL STEIN and those nay-sayers will know you mean business. Pour yourself a fresh pint of whatever your frothy poison and add a touch of horror to that sweet, frothy goodness. You've gotta make sure those walls are decked out in style. What better way than with the man, the myth, the legend himself, Keith Richards! Pop your favorite Stones album on the 'ol record player and pick up this killer KEITH RICHARDS POSTER passed out in all of his drunken glory! What are you waiting for? Grab up these essential items to upgrade that bar today!
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