Baby bibs are not just for babies!

dextercollage Meet my new dog Dexter a.k.a. Doodlebug.  I drove to Lexington, Kentucky a little over a month ago to pick up this amazing 4 year old Boston Terrier/ French bulldog mix from The Boston Terrier Rescue of TN.  We all treat our pets as our kids and since my real son is fully grown now, I plan to spoil and pamper this little dude for the rest of his life. When the Sourpuss Bandana Bibs came out I thought it would make the perfect accessory for Dexter so I picked up the Black and Red Striped Bandana Bib that he is wearing in the photo above for the 10 hour drive home. It is easy to put it on him and is adjustable with a snap closure with two positions. One day we were going out to play in the yard and I thought it would be fun to put the Pirate Bandana Bib on him as a cape! Dexter's favorite hobbies are burrowing under the covers, chewing on his plush rabbit,  and chasing after birds in the yard. The hardest decision now is which one to buy him next! Maybe your 4 legged friend will look good in one too? Check out all the Bandana baby bibs here!
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