8 Essential Additions To Your Kitchen!

Top_8_Kitchen_ItemsDo you need to add some additional spice to your kitchen? Check out these eight essential items now available from your friends here at Sourpuss Clothing! 1. No one will mess with your coffee or hot tea in the morning ever again when they see you rocking this BRASS KNUCKLES COFFEE MUG. It's a knockout! 2. DESTROY ALL HUMANS!!! with a burst of freshly cracked black pepper flavor with your very own BEEP BOOP BLACK ROBOT PEPPER GRINDER. Then run for your lives! 3. Vamps, owls, bugs and more attack when your spruce up your own morning java, espresso or latte every morning before work or school with the I'M AWAKE COFFEE STENCILS SET OF 5. They're 100% reusable! 4. Walk like a zombie, drink like a zombie with the BRAIN FREEZE ICE CUBE TRAY! Cold, dead hands, meet cold, tasty beverage. 5. Nessie herself, can help you beat the heat this summer when you pick up the Loch Ness Ice Cream Scoop. Sweet, sweet Cryptozoology with sprinkles and a dash of whipped cream! 6. Add a little sleight of hand to your breakfast each morning. Saw your lovely assistant in half with the OPEN SESAME BAGEL SLICER. Impress your friends, your kids even your dog or cat with a little magic in the morning! 7. Pick up the PECKORINO BIRDIE CHEESE GRATER to put a little chickadee in your Cheddar, partridge in your Parmesan or redbird in your Romano. Say cheese birdies! 8. Monsters of Flavor Attack! The FRANK & BRIDE SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS will a-salt your favorite dishes. They'll a-pepper them, too.   There you have it, 8 awesomely terrifying, monstrous, adorable, magical and creative ways to liven up that dull kitchen!
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