Time to redecorate with Sourpuss Shower Curtains

SIX of your Favorite Shower Curtains were restocked today! Here's some cheap and easy redecorating ideas for you to try:

  • Optical Delusion - Always feel like somebody's watching you (and you have no privacy)? Freak out your friends by picking up a giant bag of googly eyes and apply them to the ceiling. Accent areas with vintage glasses and a 3-D anatomical eyeball model!
  • Best Ride - Tattoos! Hang tattoo flash and pick up red and gold towels to match.
  • Freak Show - Hang this circus sideshow-inspired banner, and paint the walls in black and white stripes. Decorate the walls with photos of vintage sideshow acts, and pick up the two-headed skeleton towel who will fit right in!
  • Zombie Cameos - Add dripping candles, apothecary jars, and your favorite zombie film posters to accent the Victorian zombie cameo shower curtain.
  •  Carousel Horse - Hit those vintage shops for kitschy additions and wire shelves. Invoke your inner Jayne Mansfield (seriously, have you seen her bathroom?) and stick with pinks and reds!
  • Misfits - Create a shrine to all things Misfits! Paint the walls purple, adorn the room in skulls, and decoupage Misfits flyers, album covers and photos.

Sourpuss Shower Curtains

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