Q&A With Alt Model Ulorin Vex!

  If you've taken a gander at our gals section of the website lately, you may have noticed a new face - the widely popular Ulorin Vex paid us a visit to shoot with us! If you direct your peepers to the slideshow above, you'll see some great shots from the shoot... and a little sneak peek of what's to come from Sourpuss - The Yeti Kat Jacket! Not only is it super cute, but it's sure to make you feel like a cuddly little fur ball!
What got you into modeling?
I get asked this question so often and I always have trouble finding answer! I did my first ever photoshoot way back in 2004, I can barely remember what made me decide to try it out, especially considering how shy I was at the time! I think it was a combination of people telling me I looked like a model (I'm fairly tall at 5'9") and just seeing beautiful fashion images online. I'm a passionate artist and I think I saw creating photographic images as another way to express myself through art!
What's your favorite kind/style of modeling?
I do so many different things. My favorite thing about modeling is that I get to change my look to adapt to pretty much anything, like acting and playing different characters. It's hard to choose just one style! Really high-end productions with crazy fancy styling and haute couture are always exciting but I enjoy simpler beauty work, street fashion etc too.
What are some of your favorite travel locations?
I'm quite an avid traveller anyway; I am lucky that I get hired to model in so many different places. Highlights so far include Hong Kong and Italy/Rome. As a British expat, I still get super excited even traveling to cities in the US that I've never been to before. Everything here is so different to what I'm used to in the UK.
If you could have lived in any time/era, when would it have been?
I'm a huge fan of the 80s! The fashion, movies, music, everything!
What do you prefer...Skulls, Anchors, Bats, or Puppies?
Leopard Print or Houndstooth?
Leopard print. Miaou!
Favorite Sourpuss Item?
Find Ulorin Vex on Facebook, or check out her Website!
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