What Can Your Retail Team Do For You?

Here_to_Help Good day cats and kittens! So have you ever found yourself bobbing weaving your way through our site and you have a really important question? Where shall you turn in your time of need ? Well no sweat, we're here to help! Your retail team is at your disposal and here's how you can contact us: Get in touch with Andy B (hey that's me!) at retail@sourpussclothing.com. I'm here to answer all of your order-related questions. If there's a mix up with your order, you need something on your current order changed, you have a question about an order status or if you're curious about anything related to returns and exchanges. You can contact our good man James at james@sourpussclothing.com to answer any and all of your shipping questions! Has your order been lost in the mail? How about if you need to change your address? What if you can't track your current order? James is the man with the plan! What if you're really bummed an item is out of stock or stressed over a billing issue? Send Kaeti an email at kaeti@soupussclothing.com  She's super friendly and mega-helpful! Last and certainly not least, I'm really stoked that our customer comments section on all invoices is back up. You can leave us shipping instructions, special details, what new products you'd like to see, anything we can do to help you out. That's all for now good people of Sourpussland, help us help you!
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