Chilly? Sourpuss has you covered!

If you’re on the east coast like us, you probably woke up to 10°F temperatures this morning, so if you’re sick of old man winter, we can help.  Let me tell you about one of my favorite Sourpuss housewares.  Behold our AMAZINGLY SOFT, AMAZINGLY COZY Throw Blankets! ThrowBlanketsApparently, the Bat Blanket has also become a favorite of my boyfriend, because he’s  taken ownership of it-forcing me to buy a second one! Here’s the very one that has slowly crept over to his corner of the couch! batblanketI guess I understand why he took it. They’re incredibly cushy and you’ll want to cuddle up with it all the time! They are only $20  and we’ve got 4 different prints to match any style. They’re perfect for curling up on the couch with your favorite show, throwing in the back seat of your car for a cool night at the drive-in, or using them in a kid’s room. But please consider this a cautionary tale! You might want to pick up more than one because yours might get permanently “borrowed” from you too! Shop all Blankets
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