Getting To Know Your Sourpuss Retail Team!

Photo Gallery by Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to your in-depth introduction to the crack team that handles all of your retail needs. We take  pride in being as personable as possible so you get to not only rely on us but to know as more than just those weirdos on the other side of this technological marvel we call the internet and put actual faces on those weirdos! I've assembled the team and asked everyone the same serious of in-depth questions. So let's meet the team shall we? I'm Andy or Andrew, whichever you prefer. I'm your fuzzy-faced retail customer service representative who takes care of all of the beautiful people out there when you have any questions or concerns in superhero-like fashion, faster than a speeding bullet. You can reach me any time at Here's a few things about me: •I was born and raised somewhere in the swamps of Southern New Jersey. •I spend my day jamming out to either podcasts or an ever changing series of music but right now I'm digging the new Lawrence Arms record, Chvrches, Van Morrison and A Tribe Called Quest. Eclectic or weird? •The nerdiest thing about me is my unholy love for all things related the Dark Knight himself, the Batman, as well an affliction for all things NPR. •If I could fight anyone alive or deceased I would challenge Thomas Edison to a dual for the honor of the great Nikola Tesla. •In my spare time I do a podcast (feel free to ask me about it if you dig podcasts), play drums in a band, collect records and read tons of books. •My favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is Raphael because he's the unsung hero who can be a loner at times, but has a heart of gold and cares for those around him. •I love working at Sourpuss because I get to be in a really chill work environment and  immerse myself in music and podcasts, as well as make friends with my amazing customers! Next up throwin' horns is Ginger! She's been here longer than most of the great cast of characters around the office and warehouse. You may know her as the shipping gal but times they are a changin' and she's moved on to her new position as Retail Inventory Supervisor, making sure our stock is fully organized and ready for purchase! You can contact her at Here's what she had to say for herself: •She's originally from the great state of Alabama and moved around before settling into the city of brotherly love. •She's been listening to The Smiths, 17 year old New Zealand pop sensation Lorde as well as The Killers. •The nerdiest thing about her is her fire for the great BBC program Dr. Who and describes herself as a "Whovian." •She would absolutely fight Justin Bieber to a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-style battle to the death and I think she could take him. •In her spare time she nerds out with jigsaw puzzles, makes wine and beer and is an avid gardener. •Her favorite ninja turtle is Donatello simply because he wears purple. •She loves working at Sourpuss because we always know how to keep her busy, we're not afraid to take chances, and we're always changing things up! That wily looking fella that appears to have stepped right out of 1970's NYC is our latest addition James. He's taken over as your friendly and reliable shipping guru with an added flair of southern charm. If you have a question about shipping, James is your man and you can reach him at! Here's what he had to say to my hard hitting questions: •That southern charm is brought to you courtesy of his fine Georgia upbringing. He's only spent 4 years in Philadelphia and that hasn't hardened him one bit. •He's a bonifide 1970's fanatic and loves the NYC punk scene from that time. You'll catch him around the office jamming out to New York Dolls, The Dictators, Johnny Thunders and of course The Ramones! •The nerdiest thing about him is that he's a lover of food. He's a self-proclaimed food and cooking nerd. •He would love to challenge Attila the Hun in an MMA cage match. •In his spare time he's working on one of many home renovations with his lovely wife in his Philadelphia home and plays guitar in a rock n' roll band. •His favorite ninja turtle is also Donatello because Donny is the brainy one. •Finally, he loves his new home here at Sourpuss Clothing because of the chill people and atmosphere that surrounds him every day. Finally, please say hello to Kaeti, the glue that hold us all together! She's also relatively new to Sourpuss but I'll be damned if she hasn't come in and killed it around here as our new buyer and retail manager. If you're wondering, yes that is absolutely what she looks like and has earned her new nickname Momma Brown Bear. She keeps to the shadows like the ninja she clearly has become. Wondering what she had to say? I know you are! •She originally hails from New Jersey's greatest sandbar, AKA Ocean City NJ, but now resides a little bit closer to our Sourpuss home. •You can catch her at her desk listening to Radiolab podcasts with an emphatic "Here's lookin' at you Jad Abumrad." •We have another Dr. Who nerd in the house! She lays down the law as Tom Baker and David Tennant as the best doctors, in that order, and will take on anyone who opposes her. •She would take on Jim Jones in a battle of wits because well, who wouldn't want to challenge a warped, sadistic psychopath with a God complex to a verbal battle to the death? •In her spare time she loves to bake, sew, explore the wonders of thrift stores, pace back and forth, wander aimlessly and spend time quality time with her two offspring and her spouse. How adorable is that? •Yet another one who loves Donatello as their favorite ninja turtle, all thanks to the classic arcade game. I'm all alone just like Raphael. •She loves all things Sourpuss: enough said! There you have it ladies and gents! Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed getting to know your friendly neighborhood retail team!
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