Rat Racers, Scumbags, Kreeps: Unite!

New_Kustom_Kreeps Hey there guys and gals, it's your pal Andy over in retail here to let you in on my latest item pick of the week. Gals, we know you dig your lovable rag-tag troublemakers. You gotta keep 'em looking sharp, no matter what dirt, grease, and grime they get into. After a long day at work, nothing beats a glass of your favorite whiskey and a fresh t-shirt. So pour your guy a glass and while you're at it, get him one of these flashy new 100% cotton Kustom Kreeps graphic tees. Whether your guy is a dapper Dan, a sailor at heart, fueled by an evil mechanic, or the most handsome scumbag you know, we're got the shirt for him! Fellas, if this is you, then what are you waiting for? Pick one up for yourself! I personally recommend the Death or Glory featuring six "Klassic Kuts To Take To The Grave." I just picked one up! Thanks for coming by and I'll be here every week bringing you the best in diabolical duds and awesome accoutrements. Till' next time my friends!
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