A Retail Introduction of Sorts...

[caption id="attachment_5873" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sweet Style! Sweet Style![/caption] Hey there cool cats, this is everyone's friendly neighborhood retail rep Andy, and I  welcome you to the super awesome inaugural post of the brand new retail blog! Some of you may know me as that go to fella for all of your retail needs courtesy of our lovely phone and email conversations. Well now here I am, the newest member of the Sourpuss blog family, and I'll be giving you an insight to all of the goings on within the retail department! Twice a week I will be checking in with you lovely folks about some of our new products as well as my personal recommendations. The fun doesn't stop there, as we're aiming to pour our dear hearts and souls to you by adding a personalized touch so you can get to know the people who who man the retail battle stations. We'll have question and answer segments, behind the scenes photos of the superheros we are in action, what we're listening to during the week, spotlights on the bands who's super rad products we carry, featured customers and any artwork that comes our way. I encourage everyone reading to participate! Send us your ideas, photos, art, stories, questions...whatever comes in to your beautiful, twisted minds and let's have some fun with this crazy thing!
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