New Sourpuss iPhone Cases & A Huge Iron Fist Sale!

iPhone_Mailer_1Cover up work at it's best! Cover up that iPhone in style with these new tattoo art iPhone cases from Sourpuss. Adorned with traditional tattoo inspired artwork, these cases are suited for both iPhone 4/4s & iPhone 5 and will show that just because you are technologically forward, doesn't mean you can't stay tattoo-logically traditional. iPhone_Mailer_2_aIf the new cases weren't enough for this week, make sure not to miss out on our huge sale on all Iron Fist! Every item in our shop from Iron Fist is being marked down by 30% from today (January 10) until January 17th. So stock up on all the devil faced backpacks, zombie chomping slip ons, and Timmy Chew stiletto heels you can handle! See the whole selection: HERE.
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