New From Se7en Deadly: Hair Bows & Neckties!

7_Deadly_Hair_BowsLooking to do up your 'do with a little creepy vintage flair? These new toned down and dark hair bows from Se7en Deadly are probably exactly what you were looking for. Adorned with old, vintage photos in sepia tones & black & white, dark, molded miniature sculpts, and vintage apothecary type set into metal bands these bows will look great in any gothic inspired vintage vibed outfit. See the whole set of Hair bows HERE. 7_Deadly_TiesAnd if you're looking for a similar theme to accessorize your neck, don't go with noose, maybe instead try one of these dark neckties. Simple, elegant ties decorated with crisp, small, dark screen prints of things like ancient pistols and straight razors will look great with almost any button up or suit. See the whole set of neckties HERE.
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