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LOTTIE_BEAUVERD_BLOG   We here at Sourpuss really love when you guys send in photos of yourself rocking your favorites from Sourpuss. So when we got some really great photos from a gal right in our backyard in one of our favorite dresses, the Spooksville Bats Dress, we had to share them… and get to know her a bit! “My name is Lottie Beauverd and I hail from Central Pennsylvania. I am crafty to my core! My niche is creating hair pieces and oddball jewelry. I love vending at events during the Spring and Summer, so keep an eye out for me. ;) As cliche as it sounds, I truly love anything vintage and retro. I was raised as a thrifter and flea market rat, so collecting antiques is just something that naturally carried over into adulthood. My boyfriend and I used to sell antiques, and I hope to one day pick it back up by opening my own store front full of mid century goodies. We're currently in the process of building a "retro room" in our spare bedroom; and once it's done, I'm certain I will never leave it! I've been going hard at building my modeling portfolio over the past year, and am honored to be published in some great magazines (Baba Lous Beauties, Classy Keen Magazine, Cat’s Pajamas), and even a calendar! It came to a point in my life that I had to embrace what I loved as an art form, and put all my doubts aside and just give it a go. I fully believe that we have to make the most out of the one life were given. So you better do what you want, now, before you're suddenly old and gray! I love life and don't want to regret a single thing!” Photos By: Kelly Ann Shuler
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