New Sourpuss Knit & Pom Pom Hats (and New Necklaces)!

Hats_Mailer_BlogJust in time for the dropping temperatures, we're psyched to bring you our new warm, super-soft, amazingly adorable (and sometimes offensive) Knit & Pom Pom Hats. Featuring prints of Krampus (you know, for the holidays!) skulls, eyeballs, cupcakes, crossed bones, or just a lil' bit of cursing our Pom-Pom adorned knit hats will keep that noggin warm in the chilly outdoors this winter. And if you're looking for something a bit less pommy: we've also got slightly simpler knit beanies (in black, navy, and of course, leopard print). Choose your own hat adventure HERE. Hats_Mailer_Blog_1And if you're looking to accessorize for more than cold-weather-neccessity: make sure to check out our set of necklaces, just in. Coffin charms that open to reveal spiders & skeletons, black dice, a brain cupcake with a minniature knife, or just the plain ole' bejewelled EVIL necklace are just some of the great necklaces we've now got in. Perfect for stuffing the stocking of someone who wants slightly more eclectic, and evil, jewelery! See them all HERE.
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