Meow! Watch Out For This Kitten!

VIVI_LOIUSE_PT2_1 Don’t get in the way of this kitten! Here comes pinup vixen Vivi Louise in the Miss Kitty Dress! Not familiar? Well let’s get to know her a little! What's your must have accessory you can't leave home without? I know this the norm these days but too true to not admit; my Iphone! What got you into modeling? Well, my parents tried to sign me up with an agency when I was younger but I had absolutely no interest in mainstream modeling. It wasn't until my teen years when I discovered rockabilly music & the culture that I became interested in pin-up modeling. Still, I had no confidence in actually following through for a few years until some friends talked me into a photoshoot. From then on, I knew I wouldn't look back! VIVI_LOUISE_PT2_2 What's your favorite retro hair style? 1940's "bumper bangs", beautifully polished up-dos, and the always classic; big, side-swept curls. Do you have any pets? Yes! Two cats "Skynyrd" and "Maiden" and a teacup Chihuahua, "Tallulah" Make sure to check out Vivi’s website, or follow her on facebook, twitter @vivilouisepinup and instagram @vivilouisepinup Photos by: Pinch Me Photography What she’s wearing: Miss Kitty Dress, Bombshell Cherries Earrings, with a Sourpuss Floozy Purse VIVI_LOUISE_PT2_3
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