Retro vs Creepy Christmas Trees at Sourpuss!

CREEPY_TREE_RetouchedRETRO_TREE_Retouch (Click on the above Images for Larger Versions of these Photos) A tree for every home this season! Looking to decorate your tree with the darker side of holiday cheer and show some Krampus spirit? Look no further. We've got skulls, black cats, witches, bats, Cthulhu Santas, and every sort of other grim ornament to make that holiday tree as black as your heart. Orrrr.... Maybe you want more of a 1950's neon kitsch Space holiday complete with Tiki Heads and Bacon with your Christmas decor. We've got that side of the coin covered, too. With campy blown glass ornaments in super bright colors and glitter as far as the eye can see, we've got retro-styled decorations in a ton of styles. Sparkly severed fish heads, taxidermied pink deer heads, shiny red campers, and BBQ grills are all here to adorn your classically inspired Xmas Tree! See these & all our other great Holiday items in the Holiday section of our site (click HERE)! CREEPY_TREE_DetailsRETRO_TREE_Details
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