New Modern Button Down Shirt’s by Britac!

Britac Mod Button Down Shirts We are the Mods! We are the Mods! We are, We are, We are the Mods! Is a chant I like to make when I first saw the Britac Vintage Collection button up shirts. In the 1960’s Mods were at the height of fashion and these shirts just bring that back in so many ways. Not only do they have some BOLD outrageous contrasting colors like orange and blue checks, but they have the same bold pattern with more muted complementary colors like green and blue if you cannot handle being a LOUD fashion statement. Britac shirts have a slim mod fit, but the largest difference between them and all the other companies making a similar shirt is the larger mod collar that they offer. These button-ups could be worn with a huge fat tie, a skinny tie, or no tie at all! You could be in with the in crowd while dancing your ass off at the next soul party. Dress it up under a dark 3 button suit, layer it under a nice v-neck jumper (sweater), or just wear it with a pair of dark denim jeans. Be Smart! Be Britac! See the whole collection: HERE!
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