New Guys' Russian Criminal Tattoo Shirts!

Russian_Prison_ShirtsSo, if you're planning on becoming or being a better Russian criminal boss or just looking to sport the ink of one without all the permanence of an actual prison tattoo, you need to check out the new line of T's for dudes featuring Russian criminal tattoos. We've got an amazing rugged graphic that'll really stick a shiv into whatever you're looking for, see the list below to find the shirt that best suit's YOUR particular criminal temperment. •Owl with Top Hat: Safe Cracker. With KA T. which stands for (more or less) Sentenced to Hard Labor. •Skull with Crown, Smoking, Above a Branch:  Boss Until Death, or, King for Life, whichever you'd prefer. Oh, also: Death to My Enemies. Gulp. •Silhouette with Gun: We're  Watching You or We Are Everywhere.  Pretty intense, and self-explanatory. •Skull with General Hat: Smoking with MN P. Concept of Crime, the idea of being anti-establishment teamed with MN P in Cyrillic which more or less translates to 'Execution WIll Reform Me' pretty hard. See all these shirts & the rest of our Russian Criminal Tattoo Gear HERE at
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