New Maiden Voyage Tees plus a Sneak Peek!

Man_Vs_Bot_Tee Maiden Voyage is an up and coming brand that we absolutely love over here at Sourpuss.  They just introduced two new gals tees, Man Vs. Bot & the Bermuda Triangle designs on great fitting girly tees. Be sure to check them both out along with the rest of the Maiden Voyage collection. So what's next for Maiden Voyage you ask?  Well, that's when we decided to sit down and find out more about the folks who run the ship over there.  Enjoy! 1. Who the heck runs Maiden Voyage? That would be us, the husband and wife dynamic duo of Tyson & Klara Smith. Running the business beside our respective spouse is sometimes a challenge, we'll admit, but we love a challenge. We do our best to work in parallel like Batman and Robin, but sometimes our efforts look more like those of Abbot and Costello (which is fine with us). Since there's just the two of us right now, we have worn just about every hat there is in the business, though Tyson primarily does the designing and Klara primarily does the math; the rest is shared. Occasionally, our two cats, Spicket & Sprocket take on supervisory roles - which is a huge help. And of course, the Amazing Friends Team assembles to lend a hand when things get really hectic! 2. Are you LA born and bred? Both of us moved around the states a bit as young kids and eventually our families independently settled around Nashville, Tennessee. Being raised primarily in the South has obviously influenced us and would explain our love for old things, tall tales and comfort food. We moved to LA a handful of years ago on a whim - the weather's fantastic! 3. Is Maiden Voyage a full time gig? Yes - what started out as "let's see what happens if we make a few tees" has developed into something we didn't quite expect. As cheesy as it sounds, we're extremely grateful for what's happened to us thus far, and we owe all of it to our awesome customers who have been very supportive throughout the years. We work really, really hard and it still makes us smile when someone gets excited about one of our designs. 4. Where does your inspiration come from? We tend to lean toward topics that are weird in nature; the unexplainable, mysterious, science fiction, fantasy, folktales, legends, myths, quirky and odd are all good descriptors. Designs that can convey narrative are also very appealing to us. We really enjoy researching topics that are slated to be designed and this is where we really start to pick out the little nuances that make our designs unique. We scour flea markets, thrift stores and the internet in search of old books and articles that will help expand on our knowledge of a topic and give us the tidbits to make a design interesting and fun. And in the end, we really just want to make stuff that we enjoy (and hope others do, too). And if you're interested in Tyson's artistic influences, here are just a few to check out; M. C. Escher, Gustave Doré and Frank Frazetta. 5. What's your favorite graphic? Wait? We have to decide on just one? Maidens Voyage Bermuda Triangle 6. Beard or Mustache? We've tried both, but beard is Tyson's current state. In our research we have found that beard comes with a natural aura that tends to keep people at a distance; which is nice when you're a hermit burdened with going into public spaces. 7. What do you like to do when you're not in the shop? Lately, it feels like we're never not in the shop (or as we call it... The Shell). We enjoy being wrapped in our little artistically nurturing habitat for days on end, but hope that one day we'll be able to break out of our chrysalis and fly away for some fun. On the days that do allow for fun, we'll be the youngest senior citizens you know, as we tend to enjoy 'old people stuff'... flea markets, thrift stores, breakfast at diners, old movies (sometimes a drive-in), historic walking tours, road trips chocked full of roadside attractions (the cheesier, the better), antique airplane flights, car shows, catching up on restoration projects or just DIY projects in general, traveling and just having a good time. 8. Whiskey or Gin? Whiskey. Our southerness-contract states that we have to say that, since we were raised just a hop and skip away from the Jack Daniels distillery. But we like both... and we just started dabbling in learning how to mix old school cocktails. It's also fun to collect and learn how to use the antique bar accoutrements needed to tend a bar well. Oh, and we enjoy good beer, too. 9. How long has Maiden Voyage been around? Officially, since the end of 2009, but we didn't get rolling until early 2010. 10. Tell us one thing about yourself that no one else knows.... Unfortunately, we can't disclose this information - we've been sworn to secrecy. 11. Are you willing to share a Sneak peek photo of a new item before it's released? Just a little one, pretty please! We're super excited about the newest addition to our line (not yet released); sew-on patches! We decided to start with the cryptid characters that are present on our Cryptozoology Tracking Society tee and add some more moving forward. Check'em out! And we're also adding a handful of new posters. All of this will be ready just in time for the holiday season. Maidens_Voyage_Patches_Promo
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