13 Ghosts of Sourpuss!

13 Ghosts of SourpussJinkies! Want to make your home totally spooktastic this holiday? Planning on having some fiends over for a spooktacular spooky spook~abration?? Well start your party from the outside in with these 13 Halloween Housewares sure to make everyone howl with excitement!! 1. These goofy skulls will be a delightful doorstep greeter for your guests. Just pop in an led candle and voila you won't burn your house down! 2. "Hey, who turned out the lights?" Have your guests flip a switch and squeal with delight when they catch a glimpse of our Victorian Lady or Gentlemen Zombie Switchplates! 3. Is it Halloween 365 in your neck of the woods? Well the Morbid Madame Hanging Chandelier will take your home from bleh to bleehehhhhehhhhhhhhhhh! Vampires...I'm speakin' your language. 4. Need a conversation starter. Pop an ipod with some spooky chatter behind the Cacklin Crow Candle. He can tell people their fortunes...or seasonal pie recipes. 5. Feeling rather bland lately, well these Newlydeads will spice things up a bit. Fill with sugar, cinnamon, or any mix of things for all your sprinkling delights. 6.  May I be Frank? Tiki the night away 'Halloween style' with any of our Tiki Mugs. Our May I Be Frank Mug is ready to be filled with anything from swizzle sticks to utensils to blood...fake blood of course! 7. Planning on bobbing for brains? Well let us help you do it the ethical way by using this Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray. Perfect for making fancy ice cubes and other confections, these brains are painless to retrieve! 8. No time to decorate? Why not throw some of our Anatomical Pillows on your couch. Quick, easy, so satiny and only $14 each! 9. Want to get your pet in on the action? Well snag him one of these Zombie Foot Toys! Perfect for the little or big ankle biter in your life and it looks sinister laying about (the foot, not your dog...)! 10. Prefer to celebrate your holiday with a little subtly? Grab this Atomic Diner Mug in orange and black. Nothing says "I like my Halloween on the down lowwwwww" like this 1950's inspired mug! 11.12.and 13. Looking to deck your bathroom out Franken-style! Transform your bath tub into a Franken-parlor with our Monster Lab Shower Curtain! Your experiment can stay nice and clean with some Blood Bath Shower Gel. Don't forget to keep the floor dry with a Bloody Bath Mat.  Check out all of these things and more in our Holiday Section!!
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