Lucy Fur & Go Batty Leggings Giveaway!

Lucy Fur & Go Batty Giveaway!From October 1 thru October 4 we're giving you a chance to win an awesome set of Lucy Fur  & Go Batty! leggings, just in time for All Hallow's! You'll be the cat's meow in these black cat & bat covered seasonally perfect leggings.  Just log into, and follow the instructions, in the contest entry widget below for your chance to win! •Contest is running from October 1 - October 4th: Contest winner will be notified and subsequently announced on this post within 24 hours of contest wrap-up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Congratulations to Chelle Rosemary Cowles! You are the winner for our Lucy Fur & Go Batty! leggings contest. Please contact us at: justin (at) sourpussclothing (dot) com to redeem your prize! Thanks everyone, for entering! And don't worry, we're going to have more contests coming up each week this month!
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