New Stocking & Skinny Jeans at Sourpuss!

New Stockings & Leg WarmersAll new super brightly colored stockings & leg warmers are now in at Sourpuss! Update any little black dress or simple skirt with cherry red, brilliant aqua, or popping pink  fishnets or really jump out with a gradating pair of Fuchsia to Black stockings Click HERE for the fishnets & the STOCKINGS! And it's getting pretttttty chilly out, so you might wanna add that extra layer of warmth with a new pair of LEGWARMERS (in both black with side buttons & black and red stripes). Or, if you're instead looking for some new bottoms that aren't brightly colored fishnets or stockings, we have a whole new set of printed SKINNY JEANS in that'll fill your needs! Check out the selection below to pick your favorite pattern: New Skinny Jeans at Sourpuss
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