Toddle with this Lil' Model~Ellison Riley!!

Wednesday_Dress_Promo_1 Meet Ellison Riley, 2 year old toddler extraordinaire! Ellie stopped by one afternoon to model our new Itsy Bitsy Wednesday Dress which is now available in  four adorable styles, sizes 6M to 5T! Since this was her first gig, we took some time to interview this little lady of mystery! *Imaginary conversational content has been edited for adult brains. Yo Gabba Gabba or Adventure Time? "ah-benture tyme" ~These days I'm leaning a little bit more towards Adventure Time but my heart will always belong to DJ Lance Rock. His dancing is swell and I sure dig that fancy hat! Best Place for a Playdate? "I see fwweeends?" ~I'd say outside is my choice for best play date. There are leaves that I can crumble up, sticks to wield around in a dangerous and often alarming fashion, and ants. I like to squish ants, accidentally of course. Favorite Treat to Eat? "I have coooookies pwease?" ~Cookies! I love cookies. Cookies, Cookies, Cookies! Did somebody say Cookies? Because I really want some Cookies. I suspect a lot of the things I eat are not Cookies but the Mama calls them Cookies in a very fancy and exciting way to trick me...and it works. I sure do love Cookies. What's Your Favorite Sourpuss Item? "wherez my bwankie??" ~Is there anything better in the world than a soft wonderful blankie...and cookies? My pick is the Sourpuss Sparrow Throw Blankie  so soft, my brain and face like this very much.
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