Aloha From Vivi Louise!

Stick your toes in the sand and say aloha to Vivi Loiuse! This vixen loves gettin’ all dolled up, just look how stunning she is in our Tiki Party Dress and matching Bracelets! This vintage lovin’ pinup will have you swooning, so let’s get to know her a bit! What's you favorite summer vacation spot? Oahu (Hawaii), not only because it's ideal but because that's my home and I can't be away too long. Guilty pleasure? Listening to the pop country station (I know...) Who's your favorite super hero?  Batman! A real bad ass without all the super powers. Red or pink lipstick? Pink by day and red by night. What's your favorite Sourpuss Item? The petite atomic belle purse- perfect for a night out and will go with anything I'm wearing! Want to see more Vivi? Stay tuned because there’s more on the way! Can’t wait? Then check out her website, or follow her on facebook, twitter @vivilouisepinup and instagram @vivilouisepinup Photos by: Pinch Me Photography  
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