Circus_CircusLooking for toys that will gladden the heart of your little one? Come one, come all, to the greatest show on Earth! Your little lion tamer will love having a single handed battle with the most "savagely wild and certainly untamed beasts known to man"! Don't forget to bring on the clowns, join the frolics and amusing antics that can be had with a silly little loon! Is baby to big for these jingle filled delights? Let your toddler show off their Herculean strength while toting the "Biggest Brute that Breathes" on their back!!! *All circus pillows are hand silk screened and constructed of sturdy cotton canvas! Elephant Measures 12 Inches, Lion, Ringmaster, and Clown are 6 inches. Each pillow has a pellet weighted base so they stand firmly when played with and jingle jingle when they shake, rattle, and roll!!
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