How To Measure For Tops, Bottoms & More!

SOURPUSS_How_To_MeasureAre you asking yourself...How the heck do I know what size to choose?! It's easy, I swear it! Just follow the steps below to figure out what size works for you. You will then be able to shop for tops, dresses, bottoms & everything in between! Let's start at the beginning and most important. All of the size charts you see are specific to the brand and are garment measurements- not actual body measurements. With that being said, it is best to have a similar garment out to measure for comparison. The only tool you will need is a flexible tape measure. When comparing measurements, keep in mind that fabric can vary from item to item. A precise measurement is difficult to guarantee, so you should allow about a 1/2" difference between the listed measurements and the actual garment. Before measuring, lay the garment on a flat hard surface like a table or clean floor. Be sure you smooth the garment flat, especially the underside, to remove any wrinkles. How To Measure Dresses How_To_Measure_Pants_and_SkirtsHow_To_Measure_Shirts Click the Above Images for Measuring How To Diagrams: Let's start! -Bust- to get your bust size take measurements from right under each armpit then double it. -Waist- For pants & skirts, measure across the very top, then double that measurement. For shirts & dresses, measure approximately 6-8" below the armpit, then double that measurement.(Keep in mind when purchasing high waist bottoms, listed measurements will be for the natural waist). -Hips- For pants & skirts, measure 8-9" down from the waist, then double the measurement. For shirts and dresses, measure 14-16" below the armpit, then double that measurement. And that's it! Now that you have your measurements your are now ready to shop with Sourpuss! If you ever have specific sizing questions feel free to email me at any time at
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