Out And About With Model Cassia Sparkle

Cassia_Sparkle Alternative model Cassia Sparkle recently did a photo shoot with some killer Sourpuss dresses, the Batty Peepers Jet Girl Dress and the Mojo Voodoo Dress! We thought she looked totally fabulous, so we figured we ask her some questions to get to know her! How did you get your nickname? "I got the name "sparkle" because i was always known for hanging out with the drag queens and the glitterati superstars in the clubs! Needless to say, glitter is my best friend." What is the weirdest location you've ever done a photo shoot? "I shot in a ton of abandoned/illegal places, trespassing for the sake of art and whatnot, but I suppose the weirdest one would have to be when i hopped a fence with photography "murder in question" to shoot in an abandoned home, it was completely dark, we had to use our phones for light, or the flash of the camera lights, and there was definitely some weirdness going on in there! But it was funny how we could only enter/leave through a small crack in the window of the front door." Who's your favorite super villain? "I don't know if you consider cat woman a super villain, because I don't, but I think she would be my favorite ;) I'm more of a cat lady myself." What's your guilty pleasure? "One person shooting games and video games with zombies! I could do that all day long." Want to see more Cassia Sparkle? Here's how! Check out her Facebook or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cassiasparkle Photos By: Altovenue Hair: Faye Castro
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