Sourpuss on &!

Ahoy Miss & Twinkie ChanNeed a distinct injection of super-cuteness into your day? Well, don't worry: we have you covered.  At the most recent Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco the adorable ladies from & (who are close buds) had a chance to overcome their geographical divide, hang out, and show off their corresponding Shake & Shimmy dresses from Sourpuss! Check out their awesome sites to see fun videos of them hanging out, taking SF pics in photobooths & on phones, nom-ing on some great crocheted food, and having general best-bud adventures! There's also a special coupon code only for their readers, so check 'em out! And thinking you might need a set of Shake & Shimmy dresses to share with your best friend? Well, here they are in Pink & Aqua!
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