Look Sharp with the Kustom Kreeps Switchblade Comb!

Switchblade Comb

Being bad ass doesn't mean you can't look good. Look sharp with the new Kustom Kreeps switchblade comb!

This comb looks and works just like the real thing. With it's working lock and push-button spring release action, it'll fool any square on the block -- until you flick it open to reveal the hidden fine-toothed comb. While you won't win any back alley knife fights with this accessory, you'll tame every one of those delinquent stray hairs. Comes in killer packaging featuring a skull and his mile-high pompadour. The comb measures 5" when closed and 9" when opened. Kustom Kreeps logo is printed on the back side.

Grab your new weapon of choice here before they're gone!

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