Cats in Disguise!

The Cats In Disguise Dress has made it's debut on the wonderful, "certified crazy cat lady" blog, Scathingly Brilliant! Not only is this gal adorable, she's a total sweetheart too! Check her out! catsindisguise1 As you know I'm a sucker for cat-print anything and this dress is no exception! It's actually even cuter than most of my other cat dresses because these little kitties are wearing little disguises like bandanas and masks. It's so adorable! And I've basically given up on any notion of trying to tone-down the cat-lady-ness, I just naturally pair cat shoes with cat dresses now. My outfits are a big hit when I visit Pet Smart though lol ;) Speaking of cats, I think I need to share some pictures of mine soon. They're always cute but lately they've just been hitting it out of the ballpark in the photo department. They seem to go through spurts where they won't sit still for one second and I don't get a good pictures for months, then all of a sudden they're just hamming up for the camera nonstop! Even Chloe, my elusive hermit, has been letting me snap a few photos! catsindisguise2 catsindisguise3
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