Top 5 Dudes Must Haves for Summer at Sourpuss!

Top_5_Summer_Picks_for_DudesSo, today is officially the kickoff of Summer, a season I both love and hate. I love the ability to go outside at night and be comfortable,get to the beach, sit on a stoop and drink a beer, but man, does it get sweaty. Here's my list of things to make summer a little breezier, and look handsome as hell doing it. 1.Lucky 13 Dive Bomb Bandana: Because, who doesn't need to mop their brow in the sun in like 95˚ ? You may as well have a good looking bandana to do it. 2.Iron Fist Winston Sneaks: Classic look, solid material. Perfect for summer lounging. 3.Warrior Churchill Button Down: Every fella needs a solid patterned button down for summer social occasions. A milestone of summer looks. 4.Lucky 13 Smoking Chimp Wallet: My dog ate my old leather wallet the other day, and when I thought about re-upping, this was the only wallet I wanted. Name says it all. 5.Russian Criminal Tattoo Book (Vol 2): Nothing better than finding some shade and reading outside on a summer day...about Russian Prison tattoos. Have a dudely summer essential that we missed? Holler at us in the comments!
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