La Carmina Sports Our Out to Sea Dress!

Sourpuss_La_Carmina_Out_to_Sea_1If the photos of alt-fashion, and gothic lolita blogger La Carmina  lounging in our Out to Sea Octopus dress don't make you wanna jump on a plane and fly to the nearest tropical paradise, I don't know what will! Check out her (& our nautical dress) adventuring in the Maldives: whether on a boat, in her best eyepatch, or being swallowed by a whale these photos make me want to do nothing more than sit under a plam tree and drink things out of coconuts. Where are you headed this summer? Sourpuss_La_Carmina_MaldivesSee the dress HERE at Sourpuss Clothing and check out La Carmina's blog HERE. Sourpuss_La_Carmina_Pirates  
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