Duane Peters Iron Fist Shoes at Sourpuss!

IRON FIST CLOTHING | DUANE PETERS | US BOMBS Some of you may or may not be familiar with legendary skateboarder & punk rock singer/songwriter Duane Peters.  So here's a little bit of background on  "The Master of Disaster", Duane Peters. Duane Peters has been skating since 1975 & was one of the first skaters to embrace punk rock by cutting his hair short & wearing pegged jeans.  Not only did he start a fashion trend in the skateboarding world but was also known for inventing many tricks such as the "Acid Drop" into a pool, "Indy Air", "Fakie Hang-Up" plus many more. Not so much into skateboarding?!  Then you may be more familiar with his band the U.S. Bombs which formed in '93.  Since then he has also formed bands such as Die Hunns & Duane Peters Gunfight. As of recent he has joined forces with Iron Fist to create a line of shoes for the brand.  Keeping true to his punk rock style & roots, Duane Peters has created a line that is the perfect combination of both.  Iron Fist was the foolproof match for Duane to create his line of hi's & low's- perfect if you're still a skateboarder or if those days are long gone but just can't say goodbye to it-most likely because you'll break everyone bone in your body now. We are currently carrying the Winston, Clasher Blue, Clasher Black, Broadway High & Broadway Low here at Sourpuss.  Grab these up while you can!
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