Top 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts from Sourpuss

Punk Diaper Bag 1. Studded Canvas Diaper Bag: A good diaper bag is a lifesaver! It carries anything and everything you need. Why not get one that will last the test of time and it can be used as a “post diapers” anything bag! 2. Sourpuss Mom& Dad Button Up OR Cardigan: whether the little bundle is a doll or sailor, they can look super cute and show off their love for mom & dad 3. Misfits Ribcage Bib: lets face it, babies are messy! Keep ‘em clean and punk rock with this Misfits bib 4. Lil Monster Kids Belt: Give your little monster a little pop of style with this cut to fit, adjustable belt 5. Johnny Cash Cry Cry Cry One Piece: Let Johnny Cash sooth your little one to sleep when all they want to do is cry, cry, cry 6. Sourpuss Moms Tattoos One Piece: that’s right, my mom is cooler than yours. Let your little one show it off with pride in this one piece! 7. Sourpuss Kids Black and White Socks: No one wants babies tootsies to get cold! Keep ‘em warm with these socks, 3 different styles to match any outfit 8. Daddy’s First Mate One Piece: always the apple of daddy’s eye, you’re little one can wear their heart on their sleeve, just like daddy 9. Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle: every baby needs a rattle; why not have one with a fun twist! Your baby will be the envy of all the other rugrats on the block! 10. Hungry Monsters Sippy Cup &Bowl Set: when your little monster gets hungry, you’ll be ready with these fun matching items


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