Help Save the Mermaid Parade!

Save_The_Mermaid_Parade Help Save The Largest Art Parade In America! The Mermaid Parade is artists, it's community, it's Brooklyn's eccentrics and most importantly it's a part of YOU! Every year since 1983, it has enabled artistic New Yorkers to find self-expression in public. It’s an American celebration of ancient mythology and honky-tonk rituals of the seaside, and it needs your help! Hurricane Sandy caused some major destruction on Coney Island destroying the historical museum and damaging the performance space. So now: they need some help getting back on their feet to launch this year's amazing parade. How You Can Help:Visit: to jump to their Kickstarter Page. Follow the Parade: On Their Site,Facebook, Twitter, and any other Social site and share their message! Save_The_Mermaid_1
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