Sourpuss presents Maiden Voyage

Get whisked away into a world of weird & wild folklore with Maiden Voyage! We are thrilled to showcase these original, unique, screen printed illustrations.   Maiden Voyage dives deep beneath the sea, hides with your favorite cryptids & brings you back souvenirs from bizarrely beautiful places for inspiration. Decorate your curiosity corner with any of these fine peculiar prints- printed via old school offset press!  Perhaps you've wondered what the Anatomy of a Sailor would be or maybe the Phrenology of a Gentleman.  Or maybe you want to go or see what eyeballs have never seen- straight to the Bermuda Triangle or go on a Cryptozoology safari! We also have an eccentric collection of gal's tees available!  If you're looking for a bit of folklore, anthropomorphic animals mixed with a touch of whimsy- stop right there.  Go on an adventure with Maiden Voyage in any of these fine vintage soft girly tees.  Choose from the Narwhal, Council of Crows, Cryptozoology, General Mcgee, General Fuzzington or Dark & Stormy night (feat. a Giant Squid attacking an airship) tees. Click HERE to see them all!
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