New Brutus x Dr. Martens Oxblood Trimfit Shirt

A true meeting of minds and subcultural icons - Brutus and Dr. Martens are collaborating for a second season, following on from the success of the first partnership between these two iconic, heritage brands. Since the 1960’s, both brands have enjoyed a cult following from various image obsessed individuals, youth cultures and tribes, fanatical about the attention to detail and the craftmanship of the manufacturing process involved in the production of their respective products. This collaborative shirt is made with a classic oxblood and yellow gingham check (colours synonymous with Dr. Martens boots and shoes), and a red handkerchief in the top right pocket. Gingham shirts have been worn by mods since the 1960s and the handkerchief is a reference to the original suedeheads and their fanatical approach to pin sharp dressing where Classic British style staples, like the pocket handkerchief and braces were given a hard edge. Incorporating all the famed detail of the original Trimfit this shirt has the classic three-finger collar and a superior sharp and tailored fit.  Sourpuss is one of the few US retailers carrying this limited edition shirt, and last years sold out wildly fast, so get in early and Pre-Order yours now HERE.
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