New Sourpuss Va Va Voom Necklaces & Tanks

What are your thoughts on love? Feel like your True Love is out there, and want to tell the world? Or maybe you're in the other camp, where...well, F*** Love is closer to your heart? Either way we've got the bases covered with these scripted, molded vinyl, beaded necklaces! We're  also offering these 'Love' Tank Tops to match up with these awesome necklaces! F*** Love: Wear the Sourpuss "F*** Love" top over your little broken heart!  This red, fantastic fitting top features "F*** Love" in fancy filigreed type in the center, black raw edged details & a cutout heart in back. True Love: And your heart will absolutely go pitter patter for the Sourpuss True Love top!This figure flattering black tank top features "True Love" in the same fancy filigreed writing, red raw edged details & a dainty heart cutout in back.
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