The Sourpuss Library Presents: She's a Rebel

Who's that mysterious girl with the deadly curves? Why, it's YOU, in our new She's a Rebel Top!  Pick your path... Heroine or Villainess??? Either way, there's no room for damsels in distress here:  just bonafide Betties with looks to kill.  You'll be your own Pulp Star in this super soft, body hugging top... featuring a vintage silhouette & off the shoulder, come hither neckline.  We have one for every storyline: Victoria Van Violence stuns in the Black version, while Brittney looks sweet (but not too sweet) in White.  AND if you're feelin' frisky, it also comes in Navy!! Head on over to , and get them now, before it's too late!

Photo for 'She's A Rebel': Vifer Photography. Model: Victoria Van Violence.
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