Russian Prison Tattoos

So, I'm secretly obsessed with Russian prison tattoos: Is that weird?! We have these new tees that feature Russian prison tattoos, and I'm hoping some of you ladies are into them too!! One of the cool things about this artwork is the symbols all have secret meanings. Check out this handy guide, so if you find yourself locked up in a Moscow prison you'll know about your cell mate! These styles of tattoos are usually identifiable by a more bluish color then American tattoo ink and the lines are more blurry then what we are familiar with. Remember, though, not all Russian tattoos a sign of pride- some tattoos are doled out as a punishment. See our selection of Russian Tattoo inspired T's: HERE.
Russian Prison Tattoo Meanings: Spades - The "suit of thieves" (particularly where the symbol appears upside down) Clubs - Another "criminal" suit Diamonds - The "chummy suit" (i.e. stool-pigeons, rats, & informers); this suit is usually forcibly applied. Hearts - A sexual symbol; it may mark the wearer out as a "passive homosexual" within the prison Cross - A cross worn on the chest signifies a "Prince of Thieves," the highest possible rank. 'Grins' - Humorous tattoos usually incorporating a grinning face and are often accompanied by text Snakes - Snakes have a particular symbolism and are usually worn by high ranking gang members Tigers - Sign of an 'Enforcer' Cats - The cat is associated with the characteristics needed by a criminal. Skulls - These are usually worn by high ranking gang members. Eyes - These are forcibly placed on lower backside to show that the prisoner is used for sexual gratification. Barbed Wire - A barbed wire across ones forehead usually indicates a life-term in prison. Swastika - Is forcibly applied to forehead and marks one for death. Stars - Stars commonly represent time served. Each point indicates a year served in jail. Churches - Like stars, but for Christian prisoners, the number of dome towers indicate the amount of years that the prisoner has been sentenced to.
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