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Step right into The Macabre Marketplace… if you dare!  Here you will find ghoulish goodies to fill your own odditorium or maybe a few ghastly gifts for your dreadful friends! Click the photos below to grab yours before Halloween.

Monster Block Heads: Scare up some space in your hearse for these monstrous rear-view monster dice! Zombie Hand Hooks: These undead hands will hook you (& your stuff). Made of poly resin, w/ keyhole hangar. Bloody Bath Mat: Hopefully these printed blood footprints and splatters will be the only ones on this mat!

Anatomical Gel Candles: Hand crafted creepy candles featuring brains, hearts, and a baby preserved in gel! Scary Pillows: Rest your undead head on these monstrous eyeball, web,and Monster skull pillows! Poison Candle Holders: Every ghouls needs a good poison bottle around! Get yours w/ these glass candleholders!

Monster Salt & Pepper Shakers: Hand painted set of rock and roll monster salt and pepper shakers. Get spicy! Monster Coin Banks: Keep your coins safe in these creepy, cute, ceramic spring footed coin banks! Skull Candles & Holders: Add a little shock to your decor w/ these horrifying skull candles and candleholders!

Plush Zombie Dolls Braaaaains! These handmade, plush doll features cute undead dudes in tattered clothing, blood dripping mouths & exposed brains.
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