An Interview with Lisa from Switchblade Stiletto

Sourpuss (SP): How did Switchblade Stiletto come about? Switchblade Stiletto (SBS): From the Blondie Book "Making Tracks The Rise of Blondie" when she was in the band The Stilettos there was a photo in it with a Switchblade rammed through it as the heel. So I guess I have Blondie to thank for naming my company. I was like that is awesome! First it was a design we featured for the company I worked for. Later I thought what a great name for a clothing company. SP: How did you get into designing? SBS: I have been making clothes since I was a kid, before I could even drive. I grew up in an upper class neighborhood but we weren't upper class at all. So to keep up with the my classmates I would sew my own clothes and from there the other kids like my designs so I started selling them to my classmates and eventually I hit up the local boutiques in town and sold them my crafty little pieces. I started hustling at a young age. SP:What did you do before you started Switchblade Stiletto? SBS:I worked for Lucky 13 as a designer. SP:What is your favorite item from your current collection? SBS:I like my line cause it caters to the more curvy girl but to pick a favorite would be hard. I like the High Waisted Skirt and Pant cause it keeps you sucked in, the Marilyn dress cause it is fun to wear, the Annabella dress cause it is sexy. SP:Looking back through out the years of running Switchblade Stiletto- do you have a moment that you were the most excited? (maybe a favorite style that you made or a special VIP that wore Switchblade? SBS:It's all exciting! Working for yourself is truly the best feeling and making it 10 years with the line has made me feel accomplished with all the ups and downs, the errors and rewards. Meeting cool people and traveling. I am grateful that I have the courage to follow my dreams! SP:While repping the line- how many times did you drive cross country? Any desires to do that again? SBS:I did 3 trips back and fourth from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It is rough being on the road and not knowing where you will be sleeping and only knowing a couple days before what town you will be in. I have done countless min trips up the west coast, along the dirty south, and east coast. I would love to get back on the road again I love being out there exploring the earth. SP:Tell us about your latest project- Gypsy Treasures. SBS:Well it is a retail location I just opened in November. If you know me I am not your pin up girl so this is way for me to kind of express my self a little more. I have taken the road and brought it into the store. I have the desert feel with cowboys & Indians, a forest with gypsy mystical fairyland, the beach with pirate sailorette voyage, and pin up Spanish harlot religious section I call a piece of Mexico or Spain. I want to bring more cultures into the store like Hindu, Buddha, Roman, Celtic, Egyptian, and so one. I want to promote peace we are all souls and our bodies are just our shells. I know it all sounds very hippie and a far cry from the pinup world. But I am not 21 anymore and putting on those heels and strutting around doesn't do it for me. Thoughts of exploring more land and cultures is what keeps me inspired. SP:Has it been difficult to balance Switchblade Stiletto and Gypsy Treasures? SBS:Having the store is way more work than I thought it would be. The shop has taken my time away from Switchblade. My life was pretty easy going before and now I never have a day off. I am sure there will the pay off but everything that is worth anything is hard work and it will make me appreciate it more. Blood sweat and tears! SP:If we were to make a movie about your life who would play you? SBS:Oh geez that is a hard question. I had to ask some friend and this is what they said; Wicked Witch of the East, Jennifer Connely, Oprah, Milas Kunis, Zoe Deschanel, Juliette Lewis, Lucy Lawless from Xena warrior, and Angelina Jolie. If we are talking about looks wise I think Milas Kunis cause we look the most alike. SP:With your plate being really full- what do you do when it comes time to relax? SBS:Yoga, the beach, gardening, and meditation.
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