Sailor Betty tattoo shower curtain!

     One of my favorite things that we design is our shower curtains, you'll see new graphics every season, this fall my favorite is the Sailor Betty's Tattoo Parlor.
      For all of the fans of sideshows, odditoriums and curiosities, check out "Welcome To The Freakshow"
      Or are you a fan of 60's kitschy monsters? The new Retro Monsters print is sure to be a gas!
 Fast Cars and Cheap Women more your style? Then we have a curtain for your hotrod filled hearts!                          
                            Curtains for everyone, which one will you choose?

Welcome to the Freak Show   •   Fast Cars     •     Sailor Betty's Tattoo Parlor   •   Retro Monsters

       Los Muertos          •        Hot Rodder         •      Sparrows & Dots      •      Day of the Dead

       Webbed Girl          •      Squeaky Clean         •        Clipper Ship         •       Sugar Ink
Sink or Swim      •      Vintage Beauty
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