Pin Up Girl Lip Balms

Keep your pout lookin' perfectly pinup in any one of these 4 great lip balms!  Pin Up Girl lip balm is made from all natural beeswax, coconut oil & carefully blended scents that is guaranteed to
out your inner pinup!

 Get glamorous with Kate and her Grapefruit Orange lip balm. 
  This citrus scented beeswax lip balm will give you that all day moisture your lips are lookin' for.

 Cool down with Bridget and her Perky Peppermint Rosemary lip balm!
 The Bridget is a perfectly perky peppermint and rosemary combination for any pinup!

 Feel Lovely in Lavender with the Natalie, a blend of lavendar and chamomile, a beeswax balm that's perfect to toss in your bag & go.

Feeling spicy? Get done up with Laura and the Nifty Nutmeg scent. Which, like the whole line, comes in cute packing, and would be perfect for a little gift to yourself or for your friends!
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