Get the Dish on King Kerosin

  Let's get the dish on King Kerosin- I had a chance to catch up with Richard, who runs things here in the US for King Kerosin...All those burning questions can be answered right here..

Sourpuss (SP): What is the difference between King Kerosin and Timeless Co?
King Kerosin (KK):That’s a good question King Kerosin is our Men’s Brand and Timeless Clothing USA is our distribution company name  

(SP): King Kerosin has a strong presence in Germany and Switzerland, is there a connection?  
(KK):We have a strong presence in Europe with offices currently in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We also have 2 Timeless Pilot Shops in Germany. I was in Germany working on building the brand from 2000-2006 and then came back to the States to launch our USA Office.
(SP):We received in new girls styles called "Queen Kerosin", what's with the change- is this a new line? 
(KK):We felt that the time is right to branch off the women’s collection into its own brand, Queen Kerosin, after all what’s a King without a Queen ;-)

(SP):What is your favorite new design this season?
(KK):For my personal taste from the King Kerosin Collection I would have to go with either Zombie or Flying Spades. Queen Kerosin Collection: Endless Pain and Fairytale Gone Bad are very popular with the ladies

(SP):Most of your designs are based on hotrod kulture- do you have a vintage ride for yourself?
(KK):At the moment I am without wheels (I know and summer is upon us) in Germany we just picked up a fun little street rod (See photo, that’s Ralf driving he runs Europe) and yes it does about 75mph, it’s a fun little toy!! We also build a couple of King Kerosin choppers a year.

  (SP):Tell us what you do at King Kerosin day to day.
(KK):I’m kind of a jack of all trades. Most of my time goes into product development for the upcoming season, working on cool marketing ideas, and making sure orders get out the door in a timely fashion.

(SP):So when Saturday comes what are your favorite things to do on the weekend?
(KK):Go to a local show, or just take it slow and have a beer with good friends. When I get the chance love being on the open road feeling the wind in my face!!

(SP):We like to hear the dirt- tell us one crazy thing about yourself that very few people would know
(KK):Sorry my attorney has advised me that’s not a good idea.

(SP):What have you been playing on your I-Pod the most this month?  
(KK):I’d have to say The Memphis Morticians, Guana Batz, and The Dropkick Murphys

(SP):Tell us about one of your guilty pleasures
(KK):Where to begin ;-)

(SP):Anything new and exciting you would like to share regarding the future of King Kerosin?
(KK):Lots of fun and exciting clothes in the final stages for the Fall/Winter Collection stay tuned as we will definitely be taking our collections to the next level
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