The Cruise Down Memory Lane

This past weekend was the 21st annual Cruise Down Memory Lane in Vineland, NJ. This is the largest cruise in the tri-state region, and since this also happened to be the first year that they allowed rat rods & beaters into the mix, I made sure I was armed with my trusty camera!

Vineland, NJ is the largest city in NJ and it's filled with history. Going down the main drag, Landis Avenue, you'll notice that a lot of their buildings haven't changed since the 1950/60s. For instance, the stand alone Sears & Roebucks store is still a fully functioning department store (if only it was still filled with all of those old housewares & apparel that fills the 1950/60s Sears & Roebucks catalogs!), and the Art Deco-styled Landis Theater, that used to host Vaudeville acts in the 1930s, still functions as a movie theater today.

Take a peek at a few of my favorites that were out that day:


(Click on any of the images for a closer look)

Want more? Check out the Flickr gallery below:

If you're in the area next year, put on your walking shoes and check out this event! I'm personally already looking forward to seeing even more rat rods & project cars turn out in the mix next year.
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