A Brief Appreciation of Gig Posters

Howdy again from Nik's greasy & creepy corner of the Sourpuss blog. If there's 2 things that all of us at Sourpuss can appreciate the significance of (aside from a killer taste in fashion, naturally) - it's music & art. And what better encompasses both music & art than... gig posters? So, I'd like to take a second out of your busy schedule & share a handful of my favorite examples of gig poster design for some real decent* bands out there. (*Decent being by my standards, that is - which is questionable).

Reverend Horton Heat // Jim Mazza 

The Misfits // Talkseek 

Hank III // Dirk Fowler 

Unknown Hinson // Ryan Fleming 

Danzig // Micah Smith


...and here's a few more thrown in for good measure:

And just just like that(!), your tour through this design nerd's cluttered mind is over. For now. Got your own favorites? Do you design gig posters/show fliers?  
Share 'em in our comments!

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